26 sept. 2007

Bárbara Carrera:

Continuando con el ciclo de biografías de nicas famosos llega el turno a nuestra estrella de cine Bárbara Carrera (a quien en señal de admiración Alejandro Serrano llamó "El hembrón mortífero", en alusión a la cinta "El embrión mortífero" que protagonizó con Hudson), una verdadera belleza nica... dejé intactos los links para que puedas ingresar a las fotos. El sitio original está en http://users.skynet.be/sky82359/UK_vie.html; allí descubrimos que también se dedica a la pintura con regular suceso (éxito).

Barbara Carrera

Barbara Carrera with an ocelot

Name Barbara Carrera
Born December 31, 1945 in Managua
Last known address 2220 avenue of the stars 2804 - Los Angeles CA 90071-3103
Marital status
married three times with
in the order :

currently divorced and friend of

  1. Uva Barden (a model)
  2. Otto von Hoffman (a baron)
  3. Nicholas Mav-roleon (the Greek shipowner)

Cameron Docherty (journalist, 32 years)
Barbara Carrera, the daughter of a Nicaraguean mother and a US ambassador in Managua (Nicaragua), began her career as top-model at the 17 years age for the Eileen Ford agency. She appeared for the first time at the screen in publicities for the bananas " Chiquita ". She was then one of the most asked model (exemple in 1967). Her first film was " Puzzle of a Downfall Child " which did not have a very great success. She turned then of many films of which most known in the United States is " Embryo ", whereas in Europe, it owes especially its notoriety with her participation in a " James Bond ". She, thereafter, took part like actress in several famous films like " Point Of Impact " or " Tryst ".

Barbara Carrera on cover of mode magazines

Her wonderful physique helped much in her career, that it is like fashion-model, the cinema, the televised series or advertising.
She was envolved in the Scientology Church but managed to get out a few time later.
Barbara Carrera is also a painter. She made several exhibitions of her paintings and got a lot of success..
Her most famous films :
also known for

    its participation in the televised series DALLAS
    as Angelica Nero

It posed for the following reviews :

- Playboy (several times) - Genesis
- Photo - Viva (very beautifull pictures)
- Prevue - Lundi
- Photoplay - Maxim
- Viewpoint - ...
Her fan
most enthusiastic
Me !
Barbara Carrera in the nature




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